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Deep Dive into Profit-Sharing Plans: Phantom Stock

Phantom revenue can be sometimes referred to as “phantom income.” While phantom revenue isn’t essentially a standard incidence, it can complicate the method of tax planning when it does occur. During declining costs of raw supplies, LIFO technique makes COGS lower and increase Gross Profit. This is strictly not because of LIFO liquidation however it nevertheless makes the profit looks larger than if the company had employed FIFO method. When making inventory investments, you will need to look out [...]

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How to buy XEP on an exchange

We have desktop wallets, mobile wallets, hardware wallets, online wallets, and paper wallets. Cryptocurrency traders often prefer hardware, mobile, and desktop wallets. Hardware wallets are often suited for people investing in Ethereum long term. While for day or scalp traders, a desktop or mobile wallet should do the trick. Additionally, many utility-focused cryptocurrencies emerged last year and this year, many of which are based on Ethereum. You may be interested in these crypto articles It’s also worth noting that while the [...]

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