12 Group Activities For Addiction Recovery

12 Group Activities For Addiction Recovery

Members will share the jar with the group and explain the significance of the items. Participants are paired and asked to interview each other to identify https://ecosoberhouse.com/ areas of commonality in their lives. Potential areas include education, family, likes, dislikes, professional interests, responsibilities, hometown, etc.

A Chronic Condition Demands Ongoing Care

For more tips on facilitating check-in and the role of personal interactions between group members, have a look at the videos we’ve linked to below. Group therapist Amanda Fenton provides an excellent set of guidelines and suggestions for check-in questions. This group therapy ice breaker has 4 parts; first, participants will first get into relatively small groups of between 5-10 people. You’ll find more on cooking as a group therapy intervention in Farmer et al.’s (2018) paper, Psychosocial Benefits of Cooking Interventions. If you want to capitalize on the atmosphere facilitated by group cooking, you can come up with discussion questions to guide the group afterward.

Mindfulness Exercises: Cultivating Present-Moment Awareness

Jackie received her Canine Good Citizen Certification from the AKA and is a Certified Therapy Dog. Jackie O graduated from C.A.T.dogsinc a premier pet therapy organization in Ft Lauderdale dedicated to improving the lives of those in need. Jackie O has provided companionship to assisted living facilities, addiction treatment centers, veterans’ groups and holds a special place for her work at Holy Cross Hospital Cancer Infusion Center.

group therapy activities for substance abuse

Benefits of Group Therapy

Have the clients write their names in the middle of their poster with a marker of their choice. You can also spread the affirmations on a table for your group participants to look through. For the group’s first half, allow your clients to paste the strips to their posters. Essentially, goal visualization is mental imagery of the participant’s desired positive future, whether that relates to the goal achievement itself or simply to the process of working toward it. This worksheet provides some helpful theoretical insights into the activity.

group therapy activities for substance abuse

Through collaborative exercises, participants learn to rely on one another, communicate effectively, and foster authentic connections. These activities promote empathy and vulnerability, strengthening the bonds among group members. Cognitive-behavioral techniques focus on identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behaviors.

Helping with Co-occurring Disorders – Partnership to End Addiction

Helping with Co-occurring Disorders.

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There are two kinds of group therapy sessions

As a driver, she enjoyed talking with the students one on one and decided to go back to school to finish her BA in Sociology and her LCADC. After leaving Haley House for two years, she started working on her Masters in Pastoral Counseling. When she graduated with her MAPC in 2013, Michael Hornstein asked her to be a Primary Counselor for the female community. Alina Lodge sent her to Eating Disorder Conferences at Renfrew ED Treatment Center. She was also given the opportunity to become a Certified Trauma Therapist through the Spirit to Spirit program with Judy Crane at The Refuge in Ocala, Florida. She worked as a Primary Counselor at Alina Lodge until 2021 when she decided to retire.

In a substance abuse group, members can discuss their triggers along with coping skills they have found useful. The more you learn about triggers and how to group activities for adults with substance abuse manage them, the easier it is to maintain your recovery. Avoid power struggles at all costs, especially when a client challenges the benefits of treatment.

  • The minimum recommended number of sessions is generally six, but group therapy often continues for up to a year or more (Cherry, 2017).
  • Role-playing offers a safe space for group therapy participants to confront their fears and negative thoughts.
  • Icebreaker games not only foster a sense of inclusivity but also help combat nerves and hesitations that can arise when discussing sensitive topics.
  • This can include medication-assisted treatment, group therapy, individual therapy, life skills groups, psychoeducation groups, and support groups.
  • Prior to coming to Alina Lodge, Megan was the Senior Case Supervisor for Passaic County Court Appointed Special Advocates.
  • Clients weigh in on the issues of others in order to offer suggestions or provide outside perspectives, broadening the individual’s understanding of the conflict.
  • We find that many of our clients are unsure of what to expect, and need time to feel out the group dynamic before speaking up.
  • Think of emotional problems you face, such as depression or a bad temper.
  • Facilitators must address disruptive behavior, dominance, or avoidance tactics while fostering an environment of mutual respect.

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